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19 January 2006

Gargoyles in heels

How much plastic surgery is too much? Peppermint Patty has examples, starting with Melanie Griffith:

I'm getting older, I have wrinkles and things settling in places I didn't know they were able to go, and I really don't have a fundamental objection to plastic surgery for those who really want it. I've seen good surgery that has made people feel great about themselves, but their goal wasn't to stay looking like they were 22 forever. But, Melanie, sweet Mother of God, you were and are a beautiful woman without the size 14 lips and the skin pulled so far back that you probably have a banana hairclip on the back of your head holding it that tight. How could you think this is an improvement?

And then there's Jessica Lange:

For the love of all that is good and beautiful about women, please stop committing this violence on your face! Eyebrows do not belong halfway up your forehead, seemingly held up by invisible wires, looking like they belong to the person behind you. Many years ago I read an interview you gave, and this was when you had wrinkles starting. You looked like a woman should look, and you were still incredibly smoldering. In that interview, you stated you would not do plastic surgery, that wrinkles were a part of you and your life. Apparently you changed your mind ... the one that is tucked and sucked behind those overarched, way-too-high caterpillars masquerading as eyebrows.

I was never all that fond of Melanie, but Jessica Lange? You might as well paint a Porsche with a roller.

(Scary photographs at the link.)

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