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20 January 2006

Nobody beats the Wizards

Which is not quite true — Washington had lost 20 of 37 coming into this game — but tonight I think they could have beaten anybody. The Hornets didn't do anything wrong, particularly: in fact, Chris Paul pulled down 28 points, a new career high; the third quarter wasn't at the usual level of awfulness; and the Bees shot a respectable 49 percent. But it didn't matter: the Wizards came out fast and furious, they led by 11 after the first quarter, and they made it stick, 110-99.

Oh, well. Tomorrow: Knicks at knite.

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One of the best Seinfeld his "royal" strut!

Posted by: david at 9:39 PM on 20 January 2006

The Hornets are so yummy. Going to their games is like going to Cheers. It feels good. What do you think that recent release means? Are they going or staying? Surely, New Orleans is not ready to host them again? I feel like a vulture because I want to keep them... but I want to anyway? Where are you sitting? I have tickets to the Cavaliers and the Lakers and working on more. I am hooked on the Hornets.

Posted by: Dr. Jan at 8:48 PM on 21 January 2006

Stern's statement? More temporizing. He had just joined the NBA in 1979 when New Orleans' first team, the Jazz, bailed for Salt Lake City, and he doesn't have any desire to see this happen again — but he's also a hard-nosed businessman and he knows the take from OKC is going to be far better than anything he can reasonably expect from New Orleans. (Not only has the market shrunk by a quarter, but if the Hornets sold out every game in New Orleans they'd still have lower attendance than they've been averaging at the Ford.)

Moving the Hornets permanently to Oklahoma City would undoubtedly be bad PR. So do you follow the emotions, or follow the money? Answer that question and you've answered all the others.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:38 PM on 21 January 2006