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21 January 2006

Back in the New York groove

Chris Paul played his very first college hoops at Madison Square Garden (Wake Forest vs. Memphis), and I think he was happy to be back: he scored 27 and contributed 13 assists as the Hornets piled up some serious points at the expense of the Knicks, 109-98.

What's more, the Bees forgot to go cold in the third quarter, outscoring New York 31-20 over the period; there was a brief drought in the fourth, but by then the damage was done. Five Hornets scored in double figures; Rasual Butler got 12 points on four treys.

Back to .500, and off to Beantown to meet the slumping Celtics on Monday before returning Wednesday to the Ford, where the Spurs will be waiting.

Posted at 9:09 PM to Net Proceeds

Wait a minute!

You've failed to mention that (1) Stephon Marbury was hurt and did not play, and (2) Antonio Davis did not play because he was suspended for defending his wife's honor.

This game should not even count.

Posted by: Shouting Thomas at 7:48 AM on 22 January 2006

Meanwhile, the Bees had two guys on the injured list. This is why you have rosters of more than five.

(Although frankly I think Davis got screwed on that deal.)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:17 AM on 22 January 2006