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22 January 2006

A picture with altitude

Once in a while I take a look at Hornets Central, an OKC-based message board devoted to the NBA team temporarily housed here, and as you might expect, there is a lot of back-and-forth between Oklahoma City fans and New Orleans fans regarding the team's future.

Most of said dialogue is pretty predictable, but this one piece of snark is so spectacularly barbed I had to sneak a copy of it over here. It's used in the .sig block by a user/moderator identified as "JWHornet," and, well, it speaks for itself:

Posted at 8:14 PM to Net Proceeds

It certainly lacks class, which is fairly representative of the level of debate that goes on there and similar OKC message boards.

Posted by: Scribe at 5:41 AM on 23 January 2006

I can't locate it. Maybe your sword is sharper than you think....

Posted by: eric at 8:27 AM on 23 January 2006

I think the designer thereof mutated it into something else; I didn't see it this afternoon either.

Maybe pressure from the site owner? I mean, it was a cheap shot: a really superb one, but still a cheap shot.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:47 PM on 23 January 2006

It may have been cheap, but he DID get his money's worth. :)

Posted by: unimpressed at 5:59 PM on 23 January 2006

geography is destiny ?

Posted by: adele at 7:39 AM on 25 January 2006

To a certain extent, perhaps; it's a lot easier to settle the coastal areas of a continent if you're just arriving from elsewhere, but there's a price to be paid should the ocean turn on you.

Conversely, 10,000 people arrived in this very town on 22 April 1889; rather a lot of them were gone in 1890, once they'd experienced an Oklahoma winter.

Which is by way of saying that we are more at the mercy of our geography than we, being top of the food chain and all, would care to admit.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:49 AM on 25 January 2006

Why not 1207+ feet? Isn't that the no. on the main floor of the Municipal Bldg.?

Even higher at Hefner/MacArthur.

Posted by: ben acton at 8:46 PM on 29 January 2006

Perhaps he was trying to show a gift for understatement.

Elevations at various airports:

1070 - Expressway Airpark
1180 - Downtown Airpark
1280 - Will Rogers World Airport
1299 - Wiley Post Airport
1353 - Clarence Page Airport

Posted by: CGHill at 8:59 PM on 29 January 2006