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23 January 2006

Not quite at 15:00 yet

Dear Amanda:

Thanks for the kind words.

(If you're wondering what's up, said kind words — and she really said them — were prompted by my comment to this edition of Rocketboom.)

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Saw it via my beloved TiVo. Hadn't any doubt that it was you she referred to, check the comments, and lo, as they say.

Congratulations. Nice comment it was, too.

(better infrared than ultraviolent, I suppose)

Posted by: Steph Stults at 11:29 PM on 23 January 2006

Somewhat startling to be watching it on the tivo and hear "Chas Hill says", hit pause to stare at the spouse and go "ummm. THAT one?" then listen to the comment. "Yep, gotta be."

Posted by: Jennifer at 11:30 PM on 23 January 2006

(AAAAUGH I hate when he does that.)

Posted by: Jennifer at 11:31 PM on 23 January 2006

I had forgotten that RB was TiVo-able, mostly because I don't actually have a TiVo.

And, well, if I'm going to be remembered for a statement, it might as well be that one.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:42 AM on 24 January 2006