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24 January 2006

Eight bucks a pack

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, apparently upset that there are still New Yorkers who smoke, is proposing to raise the city's tobacco tax another 50 cents per pack, bringing the combined city/state levy to $3.50.

"We're trying to save the lives of our children," he said on one of his periodic pilgrimages to Albany.

At this price, it might be cheaper to move every child in the Big Apple to New Jersey and be done with it.

Posted at 10:42 AM to Dyssynergy

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New York City, which already bans smoking in all public places and charges the highest cigarette tax in the country, needs to hike taxes another 50 cents per pack. Mayor Bloomberg says the new tax would somehow “save the lives of our children......[read more]

The more the city becomes dependent on the cigarette tax, the more they need people to keep lighting up...and since some adults quit every year, the city needs some kids to take up the nasty habit to replace them. Nothing's more cynical than sin taxes...let's discourage "x", but God help us if people actually quit!

Posted by: Campagna at 12:20 AM on 25 January 2006

Oh, absolutely. The state of Oklahoma was in a fair-sized snit because its newly-raised tobacco tax wasn't bringing in the ginormous revenue they'd projected; it apparently never occurred to them that people might try to bypass the tax, by shopping at tribal stores (where the rate is lower) or importing smokes from neighboring states.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:53 AM on 25 January 2006