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25 January 2006

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The generous Jessa Jeffries offers to save the Department of Justice $8 billion, and frankly, I think the DOJ should take her up on it; it's not like they're going to accomplish anything useful along these lines on their own.

(Via skippy's friend Carnacki; some salty language at the first link.)

Posted at 4:10 PM to Political Science Fiction

Can I get a 0.3% cut if I contribute the contents of my search logs? You wouldn't believe the hits you get when you have the word "poo" in your URL.

Posted by: Joe Goodwin at 10:36 PM on 25 January 2006

Damn ... that Jessa has got it goin on ... cute, patriotic AND thrifty!

Posted by: Ron at 11:28 PM on 25 January 2006