The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

25 January 2006

Adventures in listlessness

What kind of night is it when the league champions shoot a meager 37 percent and still win by sixteen points?

Yep. The Spurs were flat; however, the Hornets were utterly wretched, shooting 31 percent. On the radio, Sean and V. wound up in a Biblical discussion with 2:30 left, perhaps in the hope that lightning would take out the Ford Center and put an end to the misery. No acts of God, though, and San Antonio finally won it, 84-68, in a game apparently nobody wanted. I expect someone to report tomorrow that the weird January weather in Oklahoma City caused the rim diameters to shrink.

Somehow I don't think Memphis will be quite so ragged come Saturday night.

Posted at 9:32 PM to Net Proceeds

I can only hope your diligent reporting on your temporary hoops residents will extend to when/if OKC ever lands that coveted hockey team. That's when I'll be truly engaged ;)

Posted by: CT at 9:53 PM on 25 January 2006

I'm really not expecting the NHL to come here, for two reasons: we've got pretty much a lock on an NBA team — if not this one, certainly the next move or expansion — and this market is really not big enough to support more than one major-league team.

Besides, the CHL's Oklahoma City Blazers are bearing up just fine; they still lead their league in attendance, despite the competition across the street.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:02 AM on 26 January 2006