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26 January 2006

Scott speaks up

No one will ever accuse Hornets coach Byron Scott of beating around the bush. The de rigueur radio debriefing after last night's debacle never came off, and I'm willing to bet it's because he used the time he normally spends on chatting with the broadcast guys to chew out the team for a lackluster (read: "awful") performance.

And when it was rumored in the fall that the team might deal with Indiana for the occasionally-problematic Ron Artest, Scott said that he'd rather not:

I always thought I could coach anybody. I donít know about Ron, though. Unbelievable talent, nobody's denying that. I don't want to mess up our chemistry. Ron Artest, as great a player as he is, he scares me.

Artest, incidentally, will not be joining the Bees: the Pacers swapped him to Sacramento for Peja Stojakovic.

Was the front office listening? Maybe.

Of course, the biggest question facing the Hornets is "Where are we going?" Scott says he likes it fine here in the Big Breezy:

I would love to play here. I think our guys are enjoying it. The fans have been unbelievable. Out of our 12 home wins, I think our fans out there have won half of them. So, I would prefer to stay here.

Is the front office listening? Maybe.

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