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26 January 2006

Dying to be on TV

Britain's Channel Four will be airing a series called Dust to Dust in which a terminally-ill volunteer will be put on camera after he's died; the series will then trace the decomposition of the corpse during regular updates.

And to think I refused to watch a train-wreck of a series like Skating with Celebrities.

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Quiz for today: Which of the following is actual reality? a) Sitting around on a desert island, having competitions with your fellow refugees. b) Winning a million dollars, only to be jailed for tax evasion. c) Experiencing both a) and...[read more] seems to me that we are all on a very steep gradient of coarseness. I can't believe that the decompostion of a body would classify as entertainment.

"Skating with Celebrities" sounds like a timeless classic compared to that. :>

Posted by: bleedingbrain at 12:09 AM on 27 January 2006

Ya gotta be kidding! Of course we watched "My Mother the Car".

Posted by: Winston at 6:11 AM on 27 January 2006

Soubnds to me like a perfect metaphor for the medium.

Posted by: McGehee at 2:54 PM on 27 January 2006