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28 January 2006

And they're out of here

As predicted here, the new management of Six Flags, Inc. will move its corporate headquarters to New York, and will sell off its Oklahoma City parks.

Frontier City and White Water Bay will complete their 2006 seasons before being put on the block; what happens after that is pretty much up to the buyers.

Update, 11:30 am: The question you really want answered is answered by new Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro:

[Y]es, there will be room for Mr. Six, although he might find himself with a little more free time. Love him or hate him, Shapiro said the wacky octogenarian mascot helped raise awareness for the Six Flags brand.

Hold on a second. There were people who hated Mr. Six?

Posted at 9:00 AM to City Scene

D'ya suppose Shapiro discovered ol' Sixy is more popular than he is?

Posted by: McGehee at 12:59 PM on 30 January 2006