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28 January 2006

Quote of the week

What we can expect from the new Canadian government, from Colby Cosh in, of all places, the Los Angeles Times:

Canada remains in 2006 largely what it was in 2005 — a country where cigarettes are taxed 300% to 400% but heroin is free to addicts; where gay widowers have an easier time obtaining their pension entitlements than World War II veterans; and where a woman can go topless in public unless she has hate literature tattooed on her breasts.

Actually, there's more to it than that:

Canada currently has no laws in force concerning abortion; you can legally perform one in a shop window, though it's hell on lunchtime pedestrian traffic. When asked whether he intends to challenge this status quo, the new prime minister has often been quoted as saying, "Whoa! Look at the time! Hair appointment!"

Well, probably not often.

(Thanks to Matt Rosenberg.)

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