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28 January 2006

Two out of three ain't bad

The first two Grizzlies/Hornets games were won by whichever team was at home; after falling behind early, the Bees won the third at Memphis, 95-86.

With the Birdman gone, P. J. Brown played longer than usual, and he seemed to be enjoying it, picking up 18 points and 9 rebounds. David West disappeared into the locker room near the beginning of the second half to get retaped; once back on the floor, he hit nine shots in a row, singlehandedly disposing of the third-quarter curse. (West finished with a double-double, 19 points and 12 rebounds.) And Speedy Claxton got 20 from off the bench, 18 in the first half. Pau Gasol played all but two minutes of the game and scored 25 for the Grizzlies despite heavy Hornet defense.

Now up to 21-22, the Bees open a three-game home stand on Monday against the Bucks, followed by the Bulls on Wednesday and the Lakers on Saturday.

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I really enjoy curling too.

Posted by: John Salmon at 1:40 AM on 29 January 2006

Trattoria Il Centro ran this ad in the Gazette last week:


1. Fly overseas. Fight the crowds, deal with the language barrier & hope for tickets to curling; or

2. Drive down Main Street in downtown Oklahoma City, valet-park at the door of The Montgomery Building, walk into the bustling Trattoria Il Centro in the heart of your home town & enjoy the foods and wines of Torino & the Piemonte region of Italy being featured this month by Chef Christine in honor of our US athletes & watch curling on a really nice flat screen in a really cool bar.

Nothing like an eatery that addresses one's priorities, I always say. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:31 AM on 29 January 2006