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29 January 2006

Where the gripes of Roth are slurred

Some fast-talking female voice just dropped two-thirds of a message on my machine to warn me about how County Commissioner Jim Roth is using his office to "advance the homosexual agenda" or some such twaddle, and urged me to attend a meeting tomorrow at which he's speaking. (I assume this is the meeting in question; the voice managed to botch up the location.) Inasmuch as I'm inclined to think Jim Roth is the only Commissioner who's actually somewhat sane — he described himself during his 2002 campaign as a "penny-pinching Democrat," which is not at all a bad thing to be, especially when the two other guys on the Commission seem mostly interested in petulant power grabs — I am not about to take advice from some bungling telemarketer in Wayne, Michigan.

By the way, it's 734-298-7803, if you see it on your Caller ID, assuming that's the real number; and if it's not the real number, that's another reason not to trust 'em.

As for that mysterious Homosexual Agenda, Steph Mineart has a copy (or two) for your inspection.

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I miss Saturday Spottings!!!!!!!!! It was my favorite part of your blog. I mean, it's all good, but I miss that feature. What happened?

Posted by: Greg at 6:14 PM on 29 January 2006

She called me too. I didn't pay much attention but when it came to the question I pressed "1" :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 7:34 PM on 29 January 2006

As to the questions of Spottings, I've taken to driving with my eyes closed. :)

No, actually, I just haven't gone out in a few weeks for the sole purposes of gathering blogfodder: Real Life™ has intruded.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:22 PM on 29 January 2006


Posted by: paulsmos at 2:03 AM on 30 January 2006

Amazing how different the world looks when you live in a society dominated by gays (Manhattan), as opposed to living in a society in which gays are a distinct minority (OK).

When you live in a society dominated by gays, you discover quickly that gays do all the bad things that straights do. They form cliques, discriminate, ridicule straights, etc.

But, from where you're at, I can understand that it seems that only heteros do those negative things.

People are pretty much the same everywhere.

Posted by: Shouting Thomas at 8:45 AM on 30 January 2006