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30 January 2006

A guy with nothing to lose

Cam Edwards reports on an email urging a filibuster against Samuel Alito forwarded by ABC Radio VP/Affiliate Relations David Kaufman — from his email account, yet — and wonders:

Sean Hannity, employed by ABC Radio, could certainly say, while on the job, "You should not support this filibuster." Mark Levin, while on the job, could say the same thing. Should Dave Kaufman be able to say the opposite while he's on the job?

Jim Geraghty (same post) notes:

I don't know if Kaufman's e-mail is a firing offense at ABC, but companies have the right to set policy, and can warn their employees that if they behave in a manner that harms the company's image, they're out of there. At the very least, don't do this kind of thing from your work e-mail account.

Which is about where I am, I'd say: I don't have any problem with Kaufman advocating this position or that, but he ought to have a separate email account somewhere to cover matters, lest it be assumed that he's speaking for ABC.

And it occurs to me that Kaufman may not really give a flip anymore, since Disney is about to sell off ABC Radio anyway and Kaufman could well be looking for work shortly.

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