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4 February 2006

The cry of the Antiwar Redneck

Personally, I think "Mr. President, Pull My Finger" is a better title than "Mr. Shrub," but from what I know about Eddie Glenn, he won't give much of a damn what I think, and that's fine with me.

Anyway, he's posted the song and its accompanying video, along with this bit of exposition:

The concept of rednecks being anti-war may seem contradictory to some folks who aren't as well-steeped in redneck culture as Eddie Glenn.

But in fact, it's no more contradictory [than] Latinos against war, or Blacks against war. War kills the poor, but benefits them very little. Plus, why send healthy young men off to shoot at people they don't even know, when there are plenty of people right here in the backwoods of Oklahoma that need shooting just as bad!

No way am I going to argue with that.

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Eddie is Oklahoma's Kinky Friedman! I loved his song "Right Wing Girls" almost as much as Kinky's "They Aint Makin Jews like Jesus Anymore".

Kudos to you Chaz for the the nod to Eddie!

Posted by: Ron at 12:23 PM on 4 February 2006

Being a Tennessee redneck, I never heard of Eddie Glenn and have no idea what or where Tahlequah is, but I sure like the sentiments expressed in his songs. And you bet yer best coon dog we got plenty of rednecks over in these parts that are anti-war ... and anti-Bush. Just 'cause it's where Frist is from doesn't mean it's Frist's state. Most of us are embarassed of him and his record in DC.

Posted by: Winston at 7:56 AM on 5 February 2006

Now, what produce [products?] coming from Tahlequah should I boycott?

Posted by: Tatyana at 10:03 AM on 5 February 2006

Actually, Tahlequah doesn't produce a lot of stuff you can buy, or can refuse to buy: its main claims to fame are the HQ of the Cherokee Nation (it's the end-point of the Trail of Tears) and the small-but-spiffy Northeastern State University.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:17 AM on 5 February 2006

OK. I refuse, I absolutely refuse ever go to Northeastern State University. There!

Posted by: Tatyana at 10:35 AM on 5 February 2006