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7 February 2006

As others see us

Kinja bills itself as "the weblog guide". It's quirky, but then it is a Nick Denton (Gawker, Wonkette) operation, and this is their pitch:

  • keep up with favorite authors, and friends who blog
  • discover new weblogs
  • save time: scan excerpts before clicking through
  • legible excerpts, rather than a list of headlines, or a garbled search result
  • no knowledge of RSS or syndication standards required
  • no reader application to download, accessible from any computer
  • favorites page easily shared with friends and colleagues

There's a full-screen "card" for each site they list, and a summary card which appears when you search by topic.

I bring this up because someone apparently went looking for this site, and the site card includes some useful info like the site description (which is normally hidden in a META tag), popularity (two stars out of five, which seems high) and posting frequency (43 per week, which also seems high, but which is at least subject to verification; this particular post is, in fact, the 42nd since the first of the month).

Interestingly, the following major topics are listed for this site:

Summary cards for forty-seven "related" sites are attached.

Surprised that I wasn't listed under "drivel," I ran a search for same, and got 44 summary cards, including one for (strange) and one for Michael (perhaps not so strange).

Also included: a tool to extract the front page from the Wayback Machine. The earliest one they had was 23 October 1999, which seems fair enough: this domain didn't exist before 1999. (Version 6.037, if you're curious, and it looks awful, even without the graphics.)

I dunno who was looking at this stuff, but the IP traces back to Los Angeles. (Thank you for your interest.)

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Wow -- I didn't realize that Kinja had "evolved" so much...fascinating -- could spend (too) much time poking around that place!

Posted by: david at 8:34 PM on 7 February 2006