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10 February 2006

C-note run

Nancy Goldstein of The Raw Story asked twenty liberal bloggers the following question:

If you had $100 to invest politically, where would it go?

She explains:

[W]hen I queried folks, I told them that I, like so many disenchanted progressives, had sworn off giving money to the Democratic National Party in the wake of the Alito/judicial nominations debacle. And I asked them to consider where they'd spend their hard-earned dough with that in mind.

The results were most interesting, and not even slightly repetitive: everyone had at least one cause or one candidate or one organization to fund. I think my favorite response was Kevin Drum's:

[M]y hundred bucks goes to Nick Lampson, Democratic candidate for Congress in the 22nd congressional district of the great state of Texas.

And why?

[W]hat could possibly give me more personal satisfaction than to contribute to the defeat of the loathsome Tom DeLay, a man so arrogant that he redrew the boundaries of his own district to include more Democrats because he thought he could never lose? Hah!

Works for me.

Inasmuch as I have readers on both sides of the aisle and almost everywhere else in the building, I'd be interested in hearing where you'd spend your $100 for political purposes.

(Via Lindsay Beyerstein, a contributor to the Goldstein survey, and one of my regular reads.)

Posted at 6:20 AM to Political Science Fiction

I'd be interested in hearing where you'd spend your $100 for political purposes.

Well, it's not enough to buy a congressman, but it's just enough to rent something more or less equivalent. And don't they say that "the personal is political"...?

Posted by: McGehee at 9:40 AM on 10 February 2006

I suppose I should point out that the closest I've come to this has been peeling off a smidgen less than $100 to renew my NRA membership for a longer-than-standard period.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:04 AM on 10 February 2006

That's a toughie! Recognizing that $100 in a national election is like peeing in the ocean, I would probably opt to find a local or state candidate that I felt was honest, trustworthy, and whose views were somewhat in line with mine... Naahhhh... none of those left. Maybe just give it to the local library to fight the proposed ban of "To Kill a Mockingbird" from the local schools and libraries. Yep, right here in good old progressive Middle Tennessee, brought to you by the same folks who sent Frist to Washington.

Posted by: Winston at 4:00 PM on 10 February 2006

I'd like to think I'd do something virtuous and meaningful with the cash. Seeing as that's laughable in relation to the current political arena, I believe I'd spend my money on stamps and send harrassing emails to Ted Kennedy.

Posted by: Jennifer at 4:32 PM on 10 February 2006

Or letters, even. You know, those things you stuff in envelopes that require postage to transmit? Yeah, those.

Posted by: Jennifer at 4:34 PM on 10 February 2006

$120 will provide one year of quality program materials for one Boy or Cub Scout. It's not exactly a political donation (especially since supporting the Scouts is definitely bi-partisan), but it could be viewed as a statement of one's values.

Posted by: Stacey at 7:49 PM on 10 February 2006

I would have to go along with Stacey, I'd pony up the extra $20 and give it to the Boy Scouts. It would do more good there than to some politician!

Posted by: anomdragon at 12:12 AM on 11 February 2006