The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

10 February 2006

Though we really did try to make it

The Oklahoma House has watched the livestock flee, but they're going to close the barn door anyway.

House Bill 2091, by John Wright (R-Broken Arrow), would provide a tax credit equal to the 3.5-percent vehicle excise tax to buyers of General Motors vehicles built in Oklahoma — which means, vehicles produced at GM Oklahoma City Assembly, which will be idled later this month in advance of permanent closing.

Wright is hopeful:

Obviously, the plant is not yet closed, so as long as production is still taking place, there's still time for a change of heart.

Last month, Governor Henry announced an incentive package he hoped would persuade GM to keep the plant open; Treasurer Scott Meacham says that the company is scheduled to discuss the package with state officials before the production line shuts down.

Wright's bill made it out of committee at mid-week and will go before the full House.

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