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10 February 2006

New York nix

So what's it like when Speedy Claxton starts? It's different, to be sure; with Chris Paul sidelined, the Hornets had to work yet another variation on their offense, and it didn't really start working until midway through the second quarter, at which point Slovenia's favorite son, Bostjan Nachbar, went on an 11-point rampage to finish off the half and cut the New York lead from 10 to 2; the Bees gradually pulled away in the third and after a couple of anxious moments in the fourth, put the Knicks away, 111-100.

Both sides had balanced attacks: the Knicks had seven players in double figures, the Hornets five. Two Hornets pulled double-doubles: David West (21 points/10 rebounds) and Speedy Claxton (18 points/11 assists).

The Bees are now 26-23; another one-shot out of town tomorrow night, against the Timberwolves, and back to the Ford to meet the Wizards on Monday.

Posted at 9:43 PM to Net Proceeds

A great game. The high point from the crowd was a large poster of a mug shot of Charles Barkley with the caption "Wanted by the LOUD CITY Police Department" I LOVE being in the cheap seats.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 11:07 PM on 10 February 2006

You know the saying about Chinese food filling you up only to having you wanting more an hour or so later or something? For some reason that just came to my mind. Maybe it had something to do with the rant Jeff Van Gundy gave his team the other night after their loss to the Lakers.

I loved to watch Barkley when he was playing with the Rockets. He always had something to say that made me laugh.

Posted by: Diane at 5:24 AM on 11 February 2006