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13 February 2006

Present accounted for

The past is, well, past, and who among us can tell the future?

This analog watch shows only the present: hours to come and hours gone by are equally obscured.

If you live for the moment, perhaps this is your timepiece.

(Via Belhoste.)

Posted at 2:54 PM to Entirely Too Cool

Was it "Chicago" that sang:

"Does anybody really know hwat time it is?
Does Anybody really care?"

I really like that watch, but I hate wearing watches and have not done so since getting my first pager (remember those?) with built-in clock. Now of course the cellphone time piece is ubiquitous. Just walk into a room of people and ask if anyone has the time. 37 people will grab for their belt-slung cellphones like old west gunslingers in a showdown.

Posted by: Winston at 6:16 AM on 14 February 2006