The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

14 February 2006

Talk back, trembling lips

Matt Galloway, whom you may remember from such classic blogs as The Basement, has introduced Buzz-O-Phone, which permits persons with telephones (remember those?) to leave up to a two-minute rant.

"And then what?" you ask. Then this:

Your recorded diatribe or approbation will be nearly instantaneously podcast to several, maybe even dozens of interested folks around the globe.

Or you can listen to a batch of them right on the site using Buzz-O-Phone's Player.

I may have to try this out myself, once I'm outside of an environment whose background noise rivals anything you imagined in Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

Update: I recycled repurposed some of my condom remarks to try out the B-O-P. Kinda neat. Look for 14 February, 17:27:05.

Posted at 9:53 AM to Entirely Too Cool

Mr. Hill, thanks for the buzz. I'm looking forward to your call!


Posted by: Matt Galloway at 10:27 AM on 14 February 2006

ummmm, Metropolis was a silent film. I would think that a Library would rival the sound level of Metropolis

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 11:13 AM on 14 February 2006

Yeah, but when you saw it, you imagined the clanking of the machinery, the behind-the-scenes sounds that you didn't actually want to see being made.

At least, that's what happened when I saw it.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:15 AM on 14 February 2006