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15 February 2006

The behinder I get

This is what I get for reading Jeff Jarvis:

Dave Sifry has some interesting thoughts on what he politely calls the magic middle of the blogosphere — Matt Cutts of Google called it the big butt (between the tiny head and the long tail).

So I read Sifry, and here's his definition of said keister:

At Technorati, we define this to be the bloggers who have from 20-1000 other people linking to them. As the chart above shows, there are about 155,000 people who fit in this group. And what is so interesting to me is how interesting, exciting, informative, and witty these blogs often are.

As of yesterday evening I had, per Technorati, 205 sites linking to me.

Geez. Now people (205 of them, anyway) will be expecting me to be interesting, exciting, informative and/or witty.

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» A dimple on the butt of the blogosphere from Sean Gleeson
This could be my new tag line, ever since I learned that this blog is one of the 155 thousand or so that constitute the ample rump of the blogosphere. (Thanks for the scuttlebutt, Charles.) ......[read more]

Technorati shows I haven't updated my blog in months, even though I ping them daily. I guess no one will link to me by seeing my site listed there as it appears I never write anything new.

Posted by: Diane at 8:44 AM on 15 February 2006

If I run a search for, I get current links — but the header says "Updated 57 days ago." There seems to be a disconnect between two parts of the database.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:50 AM on 15 February 2006

Technorati sucks, but at least it's better than The Truth Laid Bear, which usually only includes about a third of my links.

Not that I have a lot of peple linked to me.

Posted by: John Salmon at 11:22 AM on 15 February 2006

...or "people", for that matter. No wonder nobody links to me.

Posted by: John Salmon at 11:24 AM on 15 February 2006

I indeed expect to be intersting, informative and witty. However, if I ever start getting "excited" while visiting, I'm oughta here.

Posted by: MikeH at 12:21 PM on 15 February 2006

I think a more apt comparison of the "magic middle of the blogosphere" is to mid-list authors--for both, interesting is rather hit-or-miss.

Posted by: sya at 3:53 PM on 15 February 2006

ah, but you are ALWAYS exciting, infromative, and/or witty, which is why I link to you...
Also so I can get news from home.

Posted by: boinkie at 6:49 PM on 15 February 2006