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17 February 2006

Press to play

Have you ever oscillated between "Wow, I have to have one of these" and "Geez, what was I thinking?" at faster than 10 rpm?

I must be going like sixty as I look at this. Yeah. An ironing board. But an ironing board somehow rendered Sorta Cool, as though using it would transform you into the hottie pictured therewith. And it gets better. The board, I mean, not the hottie.

Is all this worth $225? Probably not. But keep in mind, you're dealing here with a guy who just put his water bill on his Target RedCard.

(Via Lileks, who probably didn't buy one either.)

Posted at 7:36 AM to Entirely Too Cool

It's Italian. That means it'll break inside a week. You're familiar, I take it, with their famous Tower and sinking city (because it's Venice, it's 'romantic' to be under water - tell that to the folks in New Orleans). Italian shoes? Sure, they look fabulous as long as you never walk anywhere in them. (English shoes, you can take for a run through a mine field. They'll come out intact, even if you don't.) Italian cars? They look great, too, but "FIAT" has always meant "Fix It Again, Tony". (Ask anyone who owns one.)

So keep it in your pants. (Your credit card, I mean.)

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 9:25 AM on 17 February 2006

I'm a huge impulse buyer, but I'm safe on this count. There is nothing that appeals to me about an ironing board. Even if the model was Adrian Paul promising me untold pleasure with him, I wouldn't buy that ironing board. At least, I don't think I would. Hmm. On second thought, that would be the right sort of pressing engagement. *g*

Posted by: Mary Stella at 10:14 AM on 17 February 2006

Very cool. I'm surprised that we've never seen something like this already -- maybe this will spark an entire new micro-industry of Cool Ironing Boards. Kinda like iPods.

Posted by: david at 1:24 AM on 18 February 2006