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18 February 2006

Well, this explains everything

There are still a few fans of Fidel Castro hither and yon, and if you ask them just what's the appeal of an aging Communist bully anyway, they'll point out that Cuba has free health care. Count on it. Of course, "free" stuff tends to be worth the price, but that's another matter.

In the past I've been puzzled by the American left's seeming solicitousness toward Islamic terrorists, and I've tried to explain it away as multiculturalism gone horribly wrong. Apparently, though, I missed the obvious point: Al-Qaeda has free health care. (And, apparently, paid vacations.)

Poor old Benito Mussolini. Obviously making the trains run on time wasn't enough.

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And remember that JIMMY CARTER wnt over to CUBA and then urged we end the embargo against cuba then he wonders why he was one of our worse presidents CARTER WAS A JERK and he still is a JERK

Posted by: spurwing plover at 10:56 AM on 20 February 2006