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20 February 2006

Fighting global warming

It's not generally known, but the Belle Isle Bridge on Oklahoma City's north side was originally designed as an environmental tool for use in the slowly-warming Arctic: once installed, it would trap ice particles and retain them as long as possible along its surface during the winter, thereby helping to keep the temperature down and the polar-bear habitat intact. When the Canadians refused to pick up their half of the development tab, the inventors abandoned the project and sold the prototype at a substantial discount to ODOT, which put it to use as a mundane transportation module.

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THAT'S what that was for!!! I knew it wasn't actually designed as a bridge - no way! Chaz, this one made me laugh out loud and it takes a lot to do that! Thanks for the medicine of a good belly laugh!

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 5:45 PM on 20 February 2006

Few people also know that it was also once part of a huge sundial. That's why in the late fall, right before time change, all the westbound traffic slams to a stop, because the drivers are looking directly into the setting sun.

We need more big buildings in there to block the sun. Maybe that thing in Louisville

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 11:06 AM on 21 February 2006