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23 February 2006

Latex review

Conrad Spencer finds this statistic buried in the "State of the State's Health" report:

About 50 percent of our high school students are sexually active, about the same level of activity as the nation. Our high teen birth rate relates in part to the fact that 63 percent of sexually active students nationally regularly use condoms, compared to only 33 percent in Oklahoma.

Concerned, he went looking for examples of Oklahoma sex-ed curricula, but apparently these aren't waiting for stray Googlers.

The pertinent statute would seem to be 70 O.S. §11-103.3, which requires students to receive instruction on AIDS prevention education at least once during grades 5-6, 7-9, and 10-12. Instruction about STDs or pregnancy prevention is apparently not required by this statute.

Then there's this:

All curriculum and materials including supplementary materials which will be used to teach or will be used for or in connection with a sex education class or program which is designed for the exclusive purpose of discussing sexual behavior or attitudes, or any test, survey or questionnaire whose primary purpose is to elicit responses on sexual behavior or attitudes shall be available through the superintendent or a designee of the school district for inspection by parents and guardians of the student who will be involved with the class, program or test, survey or questionnaire. Such curriculum, materials, classes, programs, tests, surveys or questionnaires shall have as one of its primary purposes the teaching of or informing students about the practice of abstinence. The superintendent or a designee of the school district shall provide prior written notification to the parents or guardians of the students involved of their right to inspect the curriculum and material and of their obligation to notify the school in writing if they do not want their child to participate in the class, program, test, survey or questionnaire. Each local board of education shall determine the means of providing written notification to the parents and guardian which will ensure effective notice in an efficient and appropriate manner. No student shall be required to participate in a sex education class or program which discusses sexual behavior or attitudes if a parent or guardian of the student objects in writing to such participation. If the type of program referred to in this section is a part of or is taught during a credit course, a student may be required to enroll in the course but shall not be required to receive instruction in or participate in the program if a parent or guardian objects in writing.

I think it might be reasonable to conclude that (1) they aren't teaching much and (2) they aren't teaching it to many.

Posted at 7:52 AM to Soonerland

"Just Say No" sounds good but in the absence of solitary confinement for Oklahoma teenagers from year 12-19 it is highly unlikely to be effective ... unless of course you look like Jan Larue :)

Posted by: Ron at 10:36 AM on 23 February 2006

I'm investing in a company that makes Taser-equipped chastity belts.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:01 AM on 24 February 2006

Hey Mcgehee let me know when you find one. Anyway, this doesn't suprise me, can't have little johny learning about sex stuff, he might just do it. Hey Mom/Dad he is just as likely to and get into more trouble because he doesn't know what he needs to know. and the School districts won't do much because it might offend someones sensibilities.

Posted by: anomdragon at 5:10 PM on 24 February 2006