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25 February 2006

Sittin' on the dock of Dubai

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has decided to back the President on the matter of transfer of control of various US port operations to Dubai World Ports.

This shouldn't surprise anyone, says Lindsay Beyerstein:

The port deal is really just a side issue for McCain who's touring to promote his new immigration policy proposal which includes a guest worker program.

It makes sense that McCain is siding with the president on the port issue. There's an inherent tension between the Republicans' economic arguments for more open borders and their national security arguments. McCain is squarely on the side of economics when it comes to cheap labor and lucrative shipping contracts.

As is Bush, it would seem.

(Title swiped from Kathryn Jean Lopez.)

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"Sittin' on the dock of Dubai!" Wow, that was funny. I couldn't even read the post, I was too busy laughing at the title.

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 8:16 PM on 25 February 2006

Dubai, or not Dubai? That is the question.

Posted by: mike at 3:34 AM on 27 February 2006