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25 February 2006

On the street where you live

I've never driven on Psycho Path in Traverse City, Michigan, but I have to admit, it is definitely a wacky street name.

Some of the ones I've encountered over the years:

  • Wasbee Range, Charleston, SC: A little cul-de-sac off Ashley Avenue south of Calhoun; legend has it that the streetlet was originally called Bee Range, but the name was changed after confusion with nowhere-nearby Bee Street.

  • East 38½ Street, Austin, TX: Exactly where you think it is, between 38th and 39th. Austin has quite a few "half" streets, but this is the only one which rates an exit off Interstate 35.

  • Edbillellis Road, North Charleston, SC: Presumably named for Ed and Bill Ellis.

  • Intersection of Antonio Parkway and Avenida de las Banderas, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA: I just like the idea of the corner of "Antonio" and "Banderas."

  • Triple XXX Road, Oklahoma City, OK: That's what the signs say, though everyone calls it "Triple X". It's a mile east of the Indian Meridian, which may or may not have something to do with its name. (Previously discussed here.)

  • Charles Hill Road, Orinda, CA: Not named for me. There's also a Circle. (I plan to snag photos on a future World Tour.)

A few other streets around town:

  • Federal Court: A cul-de-sac a couple blocks east of 5100 S. Sunnylane on Lunow Drive.

  • Rohan Road and Lorien Way: In the Rivendell subdivision between SW 119th and SW 134th east of May.

  • W. P. Bill Atkinson Quail Something-or-Other Parkway: Near 14700 N. Pennsylvania; the street sign gives up after the Q.

  • Buffalo Wallow Avenue: Off Highway 105, east of the Guthrie Golf and Country Club.

  • ITIO Boulevard: Acronym for "Indian Territory Illuminating Oil" Company, which started in 1901 in Osage country; owner H. V. Foster was the first to drill successfully in the Oklahoma City oil patch southeast of downtown. (The legendary Wild Mary Sudik was one of ITIO's wells.) ITIO eventually disappeared by merger into something called Cities Service, but that's another story.

  • Lois Lane: There are actually two of these, one a rural road off 15100 SW 59th, and another (designated East Lois Lane on my map) which sits between SE 29th and I-40 west of Post Road.

  • Abbey Road: Non-continuous residential street in The Village; once considered for my househunting. (Previously discussed here.)

And this will have to do for a Spottings for today; I'm sneezing so much I wouldn't be able to see through the windshield.

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My wife and I used to dream, while we lived in Alaska, of being able to buy a home on Loose Moose Loop.

Never actually saw a moose on that street, loose or otherwise (and "otherwise" would be unlikely in a town where it was illegal to give alcoholic beverages to a moose), though we saw plenty just about everywhere else.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:30 PM on 25 February 2006

Of course, the curious reader wants to know just what led the government to pass a law requiring that intoxicants be kept out of the hands antlers [whatever] of moose.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:41 PM on 25 February 2006

I lived near Joliet Il and we had a street in town called Lois Lane. At the end of the street was the Super family. Mr. & Mrs. Super.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 5:46 PM on 25 February 2006

In Galveston, Texas, the avenues running in the long direction of Galveston Island are mostly designated by letters. There being not enough letters to complete the street names thus over the breadth of the island, a thorough but partial series of interpolations is applied, from M 1/2 through T 1/2.

Posted by: ben acton at 6:01 PM on 25 February 2006

Lauren moves into an apartment half mile from her university in the fall...the apartments are on Lois Lane.

Posted by: Vickie at 6:06 PM on 25 February 2006

Actually the east-west streets in galveston were letters of the alphabet. It stayed that way for many years but then with the population of the island growing, they realized that some of the blocks were too big and they needed to cut some of the blocks in half, thus was born M1/2 - T1/2

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe Guy" at 11:59 PM on 25 February 2006

In Nashville we have a Due West Avenue, which isn't...

Posted by: Winston at 6:29 AM on 26 February 2006

In neighboring Bella Vista, there's a street named It'll Do Road.

Posted by: rita at 7:17 AM on 26 February 2006

Triple XXX is nine Xs, right? Appropriate for the world headquarters of a now-defunct telephone company.

My only street name story is how in Chicago many of the important Loop streets are named after presidents: Washington, Madison, Monroe, Adams, Jackson, Van Buren, Jefferson. Amidst all these near my law school (west of the river) was Clinton St., which turned out to be handy.

Posted by: Matt at 9:36 AM on 26 February 2006

Charles, have you ever had to share the road with a drunken moose?

Posted by: McGehee at 1:38 PM on 26 February 2006

The Elks and the Shriners are no prize either, especially the Shriners with their little tiny cars...

Posted by: McGehee at 1:40 PM on 26 February 2006

Drunken moose? No. There was this tipsy Texas girl, though, who.... [narrative devolves into an unreadable mixture of nausea and yearning]

Posted by: CGHill at 1:50 PM on 26 February 2006

When I lived in Norman, we rented a duplex on Faerie Queen Lane. When OU decided to use public domain to build a parking lot for Memorial Stadium over the area, I decided I would never attend the university again. Oh, and it was only through an article in the Oklahoma Daily that we (and our landlord) discovered this was going to occur. No one was going to bother to tell us, I suppose, for a while. Now I attend the most underfunded and underappreciated higher educated institution in the state, UCO.

Posted by: Jennifer Corley at 3:42 PM on 26 February 2006

I wish they had named it Dee Range instead of Wasbee Range.

I'm not so sure I believe Mr. and Mrs. Super lived on Lois Lane, but then I question half of everything Dwayne comes up with!

Posted by: Jan at 4:39 PM on 26 February 2006

Just outside Brunswick, Maine there is a dirt road called 4 Wheel Drive.

Posted by: Thomas Pfau at 2:00 PM on 27 February 2006

La Mesa, California has a small street named Memory Lane.

Mario Andretti lives on Victory Lane, and no, the street was not named with him in mind.

Posted by: timekeeper at 8:13 AM on 2 March 2006