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2 March 2006

Revenge of the policy wonks

Delmarva Power & Light is lifting its rate cap come the first of May, which will increase electric rates about 59 percent. This gave Fritz Schranck an idea: have Delaware state government generate its own power, using wind and/or solar technologies on state-owned land, rather than buy from Delmarva. This would presumably save the taxpayers a few bucks, it would answer the Governor's call for diversifying the state's energy purchases, and it might even relieve some small amount of pressure on Delmarva.

On the other side of the country, Matt Rosenberg suggests retraining the homeless for commercial-driver positions, which doesn't sound as insane as you'd think:

Truck driving is the perfect job for the non-addicted, sane ranks of the homeless, which means at least 50 percent of them. If only local, regional, state and federal governments would repurpose homeless aid for instructional scholarships at truck-driving schools. Workin' the big rigs, the homeless can enjoy a new place every night. Sleep in their pissoir-equipped rides, if they want — a lot better than a sidewalk, park, doorway, shelter or SRO cubicle. Plus: no office politics. You, your pet poodle Che (or Sparky), Ani DiFranco on the iPod, a semi full of Wal-Mart tupperware or Tyson chicken, and the open road. America — land of opportunity.

I think maybe that "50 percent" is a touch on the high side, but Matt's got some real-life examples to cite.

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"pissoir equipped rides?" I've been driving the lower 40 for a year and a half. I'm guessing 95% have "outdoor plumbing." ;)

Posted by: Dave at 10:16 PM on 2 March 2006