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6 March 2006

We got to move these refrigerators

Scion's slowest-selling vehicle, the appliance-box xB, nonetheless averages a mere two weeks in dealer inventory before being sold, among the fastest movers in the industry according to the mysterious associates of J. D. Power.

Quickest off the lot? Two other Toyota products, the Prius and the Lexus IS-series, at a mere ten days. The fastest domestic-nameplate movers were the Pontiac Solstice roadster and Buick Lucerne sedan, which fly out of the showroom within 16 and 18 days respectively.

The average vehicle is sold within 58 days, down 8 days from last year.

Glued to the showroom floor: Chrysler's Crossfire (302 days), Land Rover's Freelander (248 days), and the shoulda-retired-years-ago Ford Taurus (246 days).

These are, of course, averages. Be it noted that my car, so far as I can determine, spent approximately 380 days in an unsold state before I signed on the dotted line, and why, yes, there was a rebate.

(Via Jalopnik.)

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