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8 March 2006

Macas wants to play

Reserve shooting guard Arvydas Macijauskas is not at all reserved when he discusses his dissatisfaction with the way things are going, or not going, for him.

Glued to Byron Scott's bench, Macas has played just 105 minutes this year, scattered among 16 games. (A quarter of those minutes came in one game, against Atlanta on 7 January; he was 1-7 from the floor and scored 8 points.)

"I'm aware that I can't have 30 minutes every night," he says, "but you must remember, I gave up a promising career in Europe to play in the NBA. If I can't play [for NO/OKC], I hope they trade me. I'm twenty-six years old, the best possible age for a player; I can't spend three years on the bench."

Well, that's the gist of it, anyway. He's signed to the Hornets for two years, with an option for a third, at $2.5 million a year. On the depth chart, he's behind J. R. Smith, who isn't getting any minutes either; relief for starter Kirk Snyder usually comes from Rasual Butler or Linton Johnson, who are technically small forwards.

Rumors circulated right around the trade deadline that Macijauskas and Smith would be dealt to San Antonio in exchange for Brent Barry; it didn't happen. The Hornets front office confirmed that there was a last-minute trade that missed the deadline, though they haven't said exactly what that deal was.

Myself, I'd like to see both of these guys pried off the bench once in a while; the Bees are not that overwhelmingly deep.

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