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8 March 2006

Back to the future

The newly-renovated New Orleans Arena kept filling up all during the first half; apparently there was a major traffic jam downtown. Attendance was 17,744, which is about as many as you can get into the Arena and still play ball. (If there was any question as to the extent of fan support in the Big Easy, I think that question has been adequately answered.)

The Hornets kept within screaming distance of the Lakers all night: they were down six at the half, the dreaded third-quarter blues didn't materialize, the Hornets briefly grabbed the lead a couple of times, but finally Kobe Bryant, who hit seven straight from the floor, and Smush Parker, who pulled off two late steals, put the Bees away, 113-107.

Unsurprisingly, this makes the playoff situation a bit murkier. The Hornets are now 31-29 (.5167); the Lakers are 32-30 (.5161). And right behind are the Jazz and the Kings.

Kobe beat his average, getting 40 points. Five Hornets got double figures; David West got 25, and both Chris Paul and Speedy Claxton dropped in 22. (CP3 snags yet another double-double, serving up 10 assists.)

The Pacers will come to the Ford Center Friday night, followed by the Nets on Sunday.

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