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9 March 2006

Wanna buy a mall?

There's a distinct air of bogosity to this eBay auction.

Still, that's a sort-of-plausible price tag, and, well, somebody ought to do something with it — though the lister should have noted the upcoming departure of Dillard's.

Update, 10 March: Ja'Rena Lunsford of The Oklahoman checks it out, and it's legit, although what's for sale isn't the entire mall itself, but the north wing of it, which used to be a Montgomery Ward store. (The anchor positions — Wards, Dillard's, Sears — are owned separately from the rest of the mall.)

Posted at 8:08 PM to City Scene

That's kinda sad. I wonder if you can use Paypal?

Posted by: Bobbert at 7:05 AM on 10 March 2006

Or green stamps?

Posted by: McGehee at 9:38 AM on 10 March 2006

I think it's a great idea. They may not sell the building from ebay but it has got alot of publicity from it, which just gives it more attention. I've always been a fan of Heritage Park Mall and I think now that a new owner has it, they are capable of making it successful again.

Posted by: Amelapa at 5:24 PM on 10 March 2006