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10 March 2006

They're sphincterrific!

Seen at Tongue Tied:

I work in Information Technology for a large health care system. Recently we had a power outage on one of our campuses. In a meeting the next week our team performance was summarized and it was made clear to us that from that point on our process will no longer be referred to as "Disaster Recovery" but will now be called "IT Service Continuity Management".

Being the sensitive soul I am, I feel as though I should come up with a term for people whose job it is to invent euphemisms, a term that is itself something of a euphemism, a term which ever-so-slightly conceals instead of being straightforwardly informative, and, well, "rectal milliner" has been used.

Suggestions are welcomed, though I'm currently leaning to "cranial copulator," a full seven syllables instead of two.

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fecal dolloper?

Posted by: paulsmos at 1:34 PM on 10 March 2006

Obfuscation Engineer

Posted by: Brian J. at 2:41 PM on 10 March 2006

Coprophagic Canine.

Posted by: unimpressed at 3:44 PM on 10 March 2006

"Euphemism Inventor"?


Posted by: McGehee at 6:53 PM on 10 March 2006