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11 March 2006

Sticker shock and then some

I don't have any bumper stickers. But if I did, I sure as hell wouldn't consider them subject to employer review:

A San Diego County woman is suing her former employer, accusing her manager of firing her on the spot when she saw the woman's car had a bumper sticker advertising a progressive talk radio station.

In a civil suit filed at the county courthouse in Vista, Linda Laroca is targeting both her former manager, Beverly Fath, and the company she briefly worked for last year, Advantage Sales and Marketing, Inc.

According to Laroca's suit, the bumper sticker in question read only: "1360 Air America Progressive Talk Radio."

In her Feb. 21 claim, Laroca asserts that on Oct. 8, three weeks after she started working for the marketing company, Fath called her on a Saturday and requested they meet at a nearby grocery store parking lot so Laroca could pass on some documents Fath needed.

During the brief encounter, Laroca charges, the manager pointed to the bumper sticker — the only one on Laroca's car — and remarked that it was a new sticker and called it "that Al Franken left-wing radical radio station."

Laroca alleges in her suit that Fath then told her, "The country is on a high state of alert. For all I know, you could be al-Qaida."

A stunned Laroca laughed nervously at the statement, the suit alleges, and then was dealt "the final blow" when Fath fired her on the spot.

California law would seem to prohibit this sort of thing. And if it doesn't, well, it ought to.

(Via skippy.)

Posted at 9:30 AM to Dyssynergy

That's just crazy. If it's true, I think she's better off not working for someone so bizarre.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 9:40 AM on 11 March 2006

No doubt. Of course, where I live, you can be fired for picking your nose with the wrong finger.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:52 AM on 11 March 2006

Fath then told her, "The country is on a high state of alert. For all I know, you could be al-Qaida."

Which just goes to show they're all looney in the Fugue State, regardless of party affiliation.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:05 PM on 11 March 2006

Good thing he didn't see the fake arm hanging out the back of her car over the sticker that read, "Boss in trunk."

Posted by: Mary at 5:14 PM on 11 March 2006

Uh, she said... he said...

So far, we have only her assertions.

I've found people of her persuasion to be remarkably paranoid, ever on the lookout for something to be offended about, and determined to create a lawsuit.

Could be she just made the whole thing up.

Could be that she was also a pain in the ass in the work environment... constantly seeking offense and lawsuit.

Posted by: Shouting Thomas at 6:53 PM on 12 March 2006

I know a guy who was fired for being an atheist ... the boss found out because he had a bumper sticker that said "heretic" ... he was berated in front of all the employees and hounded out the door while the boss exhorted the air with "I cast thee out in the name of the Lord Jesus" ......

He found a better job.

Posted by: Ron at 8:34 AM on 13 March 2006