The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

14 March 2006

At least there are no excuses

Well, it was sorta different: P. J. Brown, who took an elbow in the forehead against the Nets, sat out this game, and Desmond Mason lasted all of fifty seconds before a bruised knee took him out. Marc Jackson started in the middle, and, mirabile dictu, J. R. Smith got some minutes. (He didn't score but once, but he played fairly decent defense.)

The result, unfortunately, was more of the same: Spurs 96, Hornets 81. But there weren't any ghastly lapses, any protracted dry spells, any spectacularly bad plays: the Bees played well, just not well enough to beat the league champions on their home court.

Jackson, in his first start, scored 16 points and pulled down six rebounds. Chris Paul scored 16, David West and Speedy Claxton 14 each. Tony Parker snagged 20 (and a double-double) for the Spurs, but the real thorn in the Hornets' side was Brent Barry, who came off the bench to hit six of six from the floor, including four treys.

Back to New Orleans for the next two: the Nuggets on Saturday, the Clippers on Tuesday.

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