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15 March 2006

Inside Kos' book

If you've been curious about Crashing the Gate: Netroots, Grassroots, and the Rise of People-Powered Politics, the new book by Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas "Kos" Zúniga, Lindsay Beyerstein has a detailed and thoughtful review.

Posted at 10:28 AM to Political Science Fiction

You know, I've never seen a woman whose face demonstrates more clearly the misery that feminism inflicts upon women who embrace it than this Beyerstein.

Why in God's name does she put up that picture for all the world to see?

Since I first entered the world of the college intellectuals, the theme has always been the same. Only the stupid rednecks mate for the purposes of having children and creating a successful family.

This leads to a sort of arms' race to see who can be the most fashionably perverse.

Take a good look at this woman's picture. She needs to dump the fashionable brainwashing and find something to do with her time... like have children, take care of a house, wash dishes and care for a husband.

She hasn't got anything better to do.

Posted by: Shouting Thomas at 12:29 PM on 16 March 2006

I've looked. All I see is a young woman with a somewhat-blank expression.

And I'm not particularly inclined to fill in that blank with my own interpretations, whatever they may be. Then again, that's just the way I am.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:08 PM on 17 March 2006