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16 March 2006

Frock and role

Interesting comment by Verbify on this thread at Modestly Yours:

There are ninety different ways a woman can dress which provoke the epithet "easy," but not a single outfit I can think of that would result in a man getting called a "slut." And I'm not sure if the solution to this disparity is imposing even more rules upon what a woman can or should wear.

I suspect that it would take more than a mere outfit to get a man characterized as "slutty," or whatever synonym might apply. It is indeed a disparity, though the more disturbing disparity is that there's still a tendency to lionize men for promiscuity, even as we castigate women for it. (Double standards? We got some.) If we can clear that up, the wardrobe issue might well solve itself.

Elsewhere, the thread contemplates the strictures suggested by Pope Pius XII back in the 1940s: "below the knee, halfway down the arm, and two finger widths below the collarbone," as regards hemline, sleeve length, and neckline respectively. Pius died in 1958; am I remembering correctly, and did hemlines slowly start to creep up right afterwards? (Keep in mind, I was five years old in 1958 and had no idea of the significance of hemlines until much later.)

Update, 18 March: Aldahlia describes Sleazewear for Men.

Posted at 6:08 PM to Table for One

Where's the full list....with pictures? :)

Posted by: unimpressed at 7:00 PM on 16 March 2006

Not a single outfit that would brand a man as a slut? Well, to me, nothing says Mr. Slut quite like leatherwear. (Excluding jackets, shoes and such, of course.)

Posted by: CT at 10:58 PM on 16 March 2006

I was going to suggest those polyester leisure suits from the '70s, with a shirt unbuttoned down to "there."

Gold chains optional, but curly permanent recommended to "sell" the look.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:13 AM on 17 March 2006

What on earth were you doing at Modestly Yours?

Posted by: aldahlia at 1:36 AM on 18 March 2006

I'm such a prude.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:28 AM on 18 March 2006

And, you've said we should be grateful you're such a prude :)

Posted by: aldahlia at 4:39 PM on 18 March 2006

In olden days a glimpse of stocking
Was thought of as something shocking.
Now Heaven knows,
No one wears hose.

Posted by: triticale at 5:49 PM on 18 March 2006