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17 March 2006

Intruder alert

Winston Rand, who blogs at Nobody Asked, found himself locked out of the premises yesterday by someone identified as "Mr. Black-Code," who made some vague Islamist references and uttered some excessively-cutesy 1337speak. (Whether this means that Mr. B-C is actually an Islamic cracker, or merely wishes to implicate Islamic crackers, is undetermined.)

I doubt much was lost — DreamHost, which hosts that site (and this one), backs up the databases now and then — and Mr. B-C's insertion page has already been ruthlessly excised. (And for all I know, this was done without Winston's having to search for the DreamHost phone number.)

Update, 6:30 pm: He's back. Winston, I mean.

Posted at 7:26 AM to Blogorrhea

I hope all is not lost for Winston. When I clicked through his link and saw the skull and cross bones, I confess a shiver of terror crawled up my spine. Completely bizarro.

Posted by: Jennifer at 9:17 AM on 17 March 2006

When I go to the page, I still see skull and crossbones. Is Rand back down?

Posted by: h sofia at 9:02 PM on 20 March 2006

Just checked over there, and apparently Mr. Black-Code is back. I tried pulling some archive pages and got 500s.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:11 PM on 20 March 2006