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18 March 2006

Saturday spottings (in transition)

The rainfall today has just about equaled the rainfall from the preceding seventy-six days, which made for some interesting displays by the side of the road, what with the inability of the drainage system to keep up; southbound below Britton and May, water was six to eight inches deep in spots, and the usual 35-45 mph speed in the right lane generated sprays high enough to reach over the top of an Escalade.

The weather some weeks back caused some damage to Beverly's Pancake Corner at Northwest Distressway and Penn; the wind came through and ripped away the puffed-fabric-look awning across the top of the building. It's now been replaced, with a suitably anachronistic representation of Beverly's legendary Chicken in the Rough logo, just what this most ancient of area eateries — about a half-century old, it's the last survivor of the Beverly's chain, which dates to 1921 — ought to have.

No longer surviving, however, is the pastel-colored building at the southeast corner of May and Grand that sat empty for many years, which will be remembered by old-timers as the Girlie Pancake House ("They're Stacked Better"). Today the lot is just a sea of mud.

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Tulsa had a Girlie Pancake House, too, on the east side of I-44 just north of the Turner Turnpike gate. By the time I was old enough to "get" the slogan, it was gone.

Posted by: Michael Bates at 4:01 PM on 19 March 2006
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