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19 March 2006

Still I wonder, who'll stop the rain?

It's supposed to stop by itself sometime tomorrow, which is fine with me: we're getting a decent soaking.

Still, this hardly means an end to the drought. The last month we had with average rainfall or above was August. Since then:

September: 1.89 inches (average 3.84)
October: 1.17 inches (average 3.64)
November: < 0.01 inches (average 2.11)
December: 0.28 inches (average 1.89)
January: 0.27 inches (average 1.28)
February: 0.08 inches (average 1.56)
March 1-17: 0.40 inches (average 1.54)

For a period when we should have had 15.86 inches of rain, we got 4.09. (All figures from Will Rogers World Airport; at Wiley Post Airport, which is closer to where I live, we've had 3.89.)

So yesterday's 1.61 inches, impressive as it sounds, plus whatever we get today and tomorrow, likely won't make that much difference: the statewide burn ban remains in effect.

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