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21 March 2006

Play one as TV

In She's the Man, which reimagines Shakespeare's Twelfth Night for teenagers — no big deal if you saw Clueless and noticed Jane Austen lurking in the wings — Amanda Bynes is, well, the Man, which prompted this observation from Donna:

There are two laws that govern characters that cross-dress.

1. If a guy dresses like a girl, almost immediately some strong football player-type appears and falls in love with him. Hijinks ensue!

2. If a girl dresses as a boy, almost immediately another guy will fall for "him." The fellow in love questions his sexuality but then breathes a sign of relief when he realizes that the man he loves is really a woman.

What these two scenarios have in common, of course, is that in neither of them are any of the females fooled. (I learned this from Jessi years ago.)

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Now, this is just too convenient.

I just posted the lyrics to my newest song, "Last Straight Man" on my site.

I'll post a trackback.

I'm holding out! Here, in the great city of New York, I am the last straight man.

Yip-e-i-o Ki-a!

Ride 'em cowboys!

Posted by: Shouting Thomas at 7:53 AM on 21 March 2006