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21 March 2006

Democrats avoiding 5th

That's the 5th District, not the 5th Amendment, wiseguy.

I was sort of hoping Bernest Cain, soon to be term-limited out of the state Senate, might want to take on the House seat being vacated by goobernatorial wannabe Ernest Istook, but Cain says it's not going to happen:

I couldn't work out a scenario that I thought could pull it off. I've talked with a lot of people about it and done a lot of statistical work and it's just not the way I'm going to spend my time this year.

Also passing up the race is Bridgeport Holdings chairman Jim Meyer, who says "it's not the right time" for him.

I refuse to believe that this is an automatic GOP seat, but given the number of name-brand Republicans signed up, and the low name recognition of any of the three Democrats in the race — there's a political novice, last election's sacrificial lamb, and the Oklahoma County Court Clerk — I've got to figure that the Democratic apparatus thinks it's a lost cause.

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