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22 March 2006

And, well, they won't buy Levi's

Well, if there are Islamic soft drinks, why can't there be Islamic jeans?

The jeans, designed in Italy and manufactured in Pakistan, are baggy, so they won't bind during prayer, and have lots of pocket space, to accommodate the accessories one must remove during prayer.

Price is a smidgen over $30, which, as designer jeans go, is pretty inexpensive. The garments will first be marketed to Italy's 1.1 million Muslims before going international. They'll be easy to spot: the seams are green, the Official Color of Islam.

(Via Tinkerty Tonk.)

Posted at 8:31 AM to Entirely Too Cool

I want to see the ladies' version.

Posted by: miriam at 9:09 AM on 22 March 2006

Not to be confused with Jewess Jeans. Which are, if I remember, guaranteed to ride up.

Posted by: Brett at 9:20 PM on 23 March 2006

I'm waiting for the Muslim Bikini to be invented...

Posted by: boinkie at 4:08 PM on 26 March 2006