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22 March 2006

Some things make you feel Yawkey

Today's "Ewwww...."-inducing entry: Annalisa Ellis lists the Red Sox players she'd do.

No, really:

With the recent theft of Johnny Damon, I really had to sit down to ponder which Red Sox I would genuinely have sexual encounters with. I mean, obviously, Johnny was number one. There isn't a repressed housewife on the East Coast that wouldn't do him. Hes the Joe Namath of baseball. I mean, c'mon, he has twins. TWINS! How freakin cute is that?

But, now that Mr. Damon has switched over to the dark side ... I've taken a long hard (pun intended) look at the Boston roster and revised my list.

Trot Nixon should be pleased:

Trot Nixon hit the only grand slam I've ever seen in person. I would do him solely on that. Plus, his name is "Trot." Done and done.

And yes, she knows he's really Christopher Trotman Nixon. Some things just don't matter.

[Insert vague reference to "The Curse" here]

(Via Deadspin.)

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So, she's hot to...?

Posted by: McGehee at 8:24 PM on 22 March 2006

Heh. Sly Tom Yawkey reference.

Twins' blogger Batgirl lusts after various Twin City (Johan Santana esp.) denizens with perhaps a little more decorum.

Posted by: John Salmon at 8:28 PM on 22 March 2006
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