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23 March 2006

Old Man Winter keeps hanging around

The final totals for the day aren't in yet, but this figures to be the snowiest 23rd of March on record in Oklahoma City.

Which, in itself, doesn't mean a whole lot; there has been substantial (which is to say, more than a trace) snowfall in the city as late as the 14th of April. But I look upon the events leading up to the snow, which included three different forecasts in the space of four hours, and I can't help but snicker at the various Chickens Little whose very souls are in turmoil because of all that global climate change they've been hearing about. (As the baseball analogy says, Nature always bats last; you can twiddle your lineup all you want, but you'll never get past that simple fact.)

For the statisticians: normal high for this date is 65, normal low 41. Only once since 1891 — in 1974, to be exact — has it failed to get above 36 on the 23rd of March. I suspect that this record is about to be broken, or at least tied. And the record low for the 24th — 23, in 1965 — may also be in jeopardy.

Update, 24 March: An appearance by some mysterious yellow ball in the sky propelled temperatures above 40 yesterday afternoon, though it vanished as quickly as it appeared; around 6 am the temperature fell to 23, which ties the record low for this date.

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