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23 March 2006

Scents of a girl, not yet a woman

The Foley's department-store chain coughed up another one of its sporadic sale catalogs this week, and bound into it an insert with not one but two signature fragrances bearing the name of Britney Spears. on "Curious":

Curious by Britney Spears tempts the senses with fragrant blooms of Louisiana magnolia touched with golden Anjou pear and dewy lotus flower. The anticipation builds with a fresh bouquet of white flowers. Pink cyclamen brings an unexpected twist to the rich floral heart, while bottom notes of vanilla-infused musk enveloped in rich, creamy sandalwood and radiant blonde woods weave an addictive aura into the fragrance.

And on "Fantasy":

A fragrance inspired by love's ability to overwhelm you when you least expect it, Fantasy Britney Spears is a captivating blend of ripe fruits, sweet cupcake accord, delicate flowers, creamy musk, orris root, and sensual woods.

I probably should not have opened up the two scents within ten minutes of one another — the mixture is overwhelming — but individually, these didn't perturb me as much as I thought they might. They're very girly, in the sense of "If you're over 30, this is going to come off as a desperate attempt to recapture your lost youth," but they're not sickeningly sweet. Still, I'm waiting for either Patty or March to come up with a proper review.

Posted at 5:27 PM to Dyssynergy

Aha! So that's the proper bait with which to stalk and recapture a lost youth! No wonder the little bugger has been so elusive; up to now I've been using worms and fish-heads.

Charles, as ever, you are an inspiration and a public utility.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 3:45 AM on 24 March 2006

...up to now I've been using worms and fish-heads.

That should be working, if the lost youth in question is a nine-year-old boy.

(Actually, best not to go there...)

Posted by: McGehee at 8:22 AM on 24 March 2006
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