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23 March 2006

A problem with Houston

The idea, I assume, was to return to the style of play that prevailed before the All-Star break. Unfortunately, this meant the return of the Third-Quarter Drought, in which the Bees were outscored by Houston to the embarrassing tune of 26-10, and while they recovered somewhat in the fourth, it wasn't quite enough to make up the difference, and the Hornets fell to the Rockets for the first time this season, 93-92.

What happened? The Bees outrebounded Houston, 51-39, and had fewer turnovers to boot. But the shots wouldn't drop: the Hornets shot only 36 percent from the floor. And there's nothing more painful than a three-ball at the buzzer when you're down by four.

What attack there was, was balanced: six Hornets scored in double figures, with double-doubles from David West, Aaron Williams and Speedy Claxton, and the bench was good for 32 points (versus 11 for the Houston reserves). Still, an L is an L, and the Bees now have two more Ls than Ws.

Now to hit the road and hope someone is slumping at home.

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