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24 March 2006

Bulls hit

And they hit hardest in the fourth quarter. After the Hornets dominated the first period, Chicago could do no wrong in the second, and while the Bees stayed with them through the third, the Bulls finished them off, 96-82.

It wasn't just the starters, either: Ben Gordon and Othella Harrington combined for 41 points off the bench, and Tyson Chandler pulled down 21 rebounds.

Interestingly, the Hornets' starters scored 41 points, and so did their bench; of the ten Bees who scored, seven got double figures, but all except Chris Paul (13) had either 10 or 11. With Brandon Bass dispatched to the D-League, Arvydas Macijauskas was put back on the active list, but didn't play.

And the shooting woes continue: the Hornets shot only 35 percent from the floor and got just two treys, both by Linton Johnson.

The Lakers are next, and I suspect Phil Jackson isn't fretting much.

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Love the title...

Posted by: Winston at 5:15 AM on 25 March 2006